4. January 2022
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New Totocalcio finally starts

In a double interview recently released to Agimeg, Attorney Stefano Sbordoni (General Secretary of Utis) and Fabrizio Fiorentino (director of the ADM Betting Office) underline the renewed perspectives of the new Totocalcio starting from January 8-9 2022.

13. November 2021
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Slots, Administrative Court of Lombardy, No prohibition but Yes regulation for particular places and times of the day

"It does not seem unreasonable or disproportionate to impose restrictions on economic activities that are scientifically recognized as dangerous to health, precisely because it is not a question of introducing a sort of 'prohibition', which could have adverse effects on the very level of health protection, nor of a generalized prohibition, but of regulation in correspondence with particular places and particular time bands with the highest usability of gaming exercises"