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In 2022 80% of gaming has passed through the land-based network

Published by A.D.M. the "Blue Book" with the definitive results in the gaming and betting sector in 2022 
In 2022, the gaming sector confirms the positive trend already started in 2021. According to the Blue Book published by A.D.M., in fact, in the year 2022 there was an increase in all game dimensions compared to the previous year: +22.39% for Collection (136 billion), +20.91% for Winnings (115.7 billion), +31.56% for Expenditure (20.3 billion) and +33.40% for the Treasury (11, 2 billion)”. A real boom occurred in the "physical network" of games and betting, which recorded an expenditure of 16.5 billion euros, equal to approximately 80% of the overall expenditure, compared to approximately 3.9 billion for online gaming . The region where, in 2022, the highest expenditure relating to physical gaming was recorded was Lombardy, with 3.17 billion euros. In second place is Campania, with 1.8 billion. This is then followed by Lazio (1.6 billion), Veneto (1.26), Sicily (1.14), Puglia (1.1), Piedmont (1.03) and Tuscany (1.0) . The Remote gaming collection recorded a growth of 8.78 percent, due in particular to an increase of 94.53 p% for "Totalizer numerical games", of 20.89 % for "Lotteries" and 19.68% for the “Betting Exchange”. The Expenditure was equal to 3,879 million euros. As regards the individual types of games, the highest figure was recorded by card games organized in forms other than tournaments and fixed-odds games of chance with 2,013 million euros and sports-based games with 1,461 million euros. Spending for the tournament exceeds 102 million. While Bingo reached 61 million, 67 million for cash Poker, 46 million for totalizer numerical games, 53 million for Lotto, 36 million for horse racing games, 20 million for Lotteries. The lowest figure was recorded by the Betting Exchange with 16 million euros. 23.74% of online gaming users showed greater interest in "Sports-based games", followed by 17.32 percent of the audience who turned to "Remote skill games". 13.62% of users instead chose "Card games organized in a form other than tournaments and fixed-odds games of chance". In reference to the average amounts per game of the different types of remote gaming, "Poker cash" by its nature records a higher amount equal to 164.91 Euros on average per game. Bingo, on the other hand, records the lowest amount and equals on average 1.29 euros.