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Gaming and the behavioral sciences

According to lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, "behavioral sciences can help in the reorganization of the gaming sector"
Last December 12th, in the prestigious headquarters of the LUMSA University in Via di Porta Castello 44 - Sala Pia, the presentation of the project conducted by BVA Doxa and BVA Nudge Consulting entitled "Kindly Responsible - Behavioral sciences for conscious gaming" was held. Among those present also lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, who, interviewed by Agimeg regarding the role of behavioral sciences, declared that “It was very interesting, finally something new that we are only now learning about but which is actually a science very widespread and widely applied in other countries as the speakers told us today". “Moreover,” continued the well-known Roman lawyer, “the gurus of this science are also Nobel Prize winners, this gives us a measure of how important it can be. This could change the approach towards the evaluation of the sector which then also translates into better legislation, better communication and also a better structure in view of the reorganization". Precisely on the reorganization of the gaming sector, Lawyer Sbordoni added: “I believe that it is a question of knowledge, therefore knowing the possible impact of applications of behavioral science principles can help to do better the work that has already been started and which is a work in progress".