UTIS, on 21 July shareholders' meeting

The 48th assembly of UTIS, the Italian Totoricevitori Union, of which lawyer Stefano Sbordoni is still the General Secretary, will be held in Rome on 21 July. The day, after the registration of the participants and the delivery of the voting certificates, will see on the agenda the opening greeting of the Assembly by the national president Utis, the appointment of the presidency of the Assembly, the report of the National Governing Council, with the report of the secretary general and the financial reports on the 2019, 2020 and 2021 final budgets and on the 2021 and 2022 budget budgets, with the report of the national president and, finally, the discussion and approval of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 final budgets and 2021 and 2022 budget budgets and related reports of the National Governing Council.
May, 30 2022

Esports legal forum O.I.E.S.

Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni will speak at 4.30 pm at the Esports Legal Forum, which will be held on May 30th in Rome, on the theme "The rules for Esports competitions, prize pools, prize competitions and connections with betting". The event is developed by OIES, the Italian Esports Observatory. Below the link to follow the event on Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87825481557?pwd=NmdnakluY3UxcFZqQWdYREkrZlVNZz09

March 31, 2022
Rimini Fair

Esports Business Day / Enada 2022

Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni will speak at the second edition of the Esports Business Days, which will be held on March 31 at the Rimini Fair, on the topic "The integration between betting and eSports". The format is developed by OIES together with the Italian Exhibition Group and will be hosted in a dedicated area within ENADA, the leading B2B fair in Southern Europe for the gaming and amusement industry. Esports Business Day is presented as a B2B event dedicated to gaming and Esports operators, with a strong appeal to the needs of companies and aims to provide participants with an overview of the business opportunities offered by this sector: from brand gamification, to the involvement of Generation Z, up to training masterclasses on cutting-edge topics such as Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse.
November 16-18, 2021

Sigma Europe 2021

DAY2 – November 17th 2021, at 10:35, Speaker: Avv. Stefano Sbordoni (Sbordoni & Partners) on the topic: New marketing in the new normal of gaming.  A growing number of countries are introducing severe restrictions on gambling advertising. This requires the adoption of new solutions in terms of industry communication and new marketing techniques. In Italy, where a total "ban" of advertisements has been (even) adopted, in every form and on every channel. Which has caused a distortion of the market, even as the business has devised and adopted new strategies. With the "case of Italy" which thus becomes a reference for those who are faced with similar dynamics. In this panel, do we propose the strategies that the main operators have adopted and the results they have obtained? Identifying new trends and challenges for the future and opportunities, in terms of Responsible Gaming. In addition to exploring the new role of affiliates. We talk about it with experts and the main international operators operating in Italy but also in other markets.