22. July 2019
Fonte: iogiocopulito.it

Decree Dignity and Advertising Bets, doubts and certainties: the comment to the expert

On 14 July last, the Dignity Decree was officially implemented with regard to the ban on advertising gambling. A measure that is having consequences in terms of revenue in the world of football. In this regard, doubts have been raised about its effectiveness, subject to the goodness of the intent, to combat the scourge of ludopathy and compulsive gambling. To clarify the ideas we returned to the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, a member of the International Masters of Gaming Law, with many years of experience in the field of games and betting at both the administrative and institutional level and at corporate level. That's what he told us.

8. February 2019
Fonte: Agimeg

Sbordoni (legal expert in the field) at Agimeg: "Increase taxation without studying its effects is useless and harmful"

When we do not want to hear and analyze the effects of the Maneuvers and the measures taken for a given sector, this happens: the impression is that the Government has never left the role of opposition. We know, the message of the reality of facts is more important: in governing, it is necessary to be very careful and evaluate the accounts well, that they are not wrong and that they show the real effects of the measures taken".