8. February 2019
Fonte: Agimeg

Sbordoni (legal expert in the field) at Agimeg: "Increase taxation without studying its effects is useless and harmful"

When we do not want to hear and analyze the effects of the Maneuvers and the measures taken for a given sector, this happens: the impression is that the Government has never left the role of opposition. We know, the message of the reality of facts is more important: in governing, it is necessary to be very careful and evaluate the accounts well, that they are not wrong and that they show the real effects of the measures taken".

5. February 2019
Fonte: gioconews.it

The government risks losing the sector's cash position

In search of the ban, we asked one of the top experts in sportsbetting in Italy, the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, who has always dealt with relationships between bookmakers and the Customs and Monopolies Agency and takes care of the regulatory aspects.

4. December 2018
Fonte: MSC/Agipro

Convention Global Starnet, Sbordoni: "The game must be channeled into controlled circuits, otherwise it goes towards illegality"

ROME - "The game is a flow that increases or decreases depending on the population and the availability of money.It must be channeled into controlled circuits, otherwise it will go in some other direction". This was stated by Stefano Sbordoni, professor of tax law of games, during the convention of Global Starnet managers "The rules of the game: the sector compared".

27. November 2018
Fonte: Gioconews.it

UTIS "Un divieto contrario ai principi di diritto"

The Unione Totoricevitori Italiani Sportivi expresses its position through the general secretary Stefano Sbordoni, an expert gaming lawyer, regarding the advertising rules contained in the Decree of Dignity.