11. October 2019
Fonte: Agimeg

But does anyone who talks about imposing electronic payments know that banks no longer accept accounts of gambling operators?

"Once again we must hear statements of hypotheses that are not examined in detail. It is easy to propose to eliminate cash from the game, but who said it knows that banks for an ethical policy no longer accept the accounts of gambling operators? Who has these ideas let us know if he has had the opportunity to evaluate analyzes of competent subjects. We are tired of incompetence, which now seems to be a fundamental qualification to hold institutional positions. We then ask that the government or the ministry of reference require banks, insurance companies and various credit institutions to accept the accounts of legal gambling operators, from dealers to the various players in a chain that works and creates jobs".

11. September 2019
Fonte: agimeg

Law game Emilia Romagna, Sbordoni (secretary gen. Utis): "We have organized this sit-in because thousands of workers and companies risk seeing the years of sacrifice shattered"

Si terrà martedì prossimo, il 17 settembre, un sit-in di protesta degli operatori di gioco davanti al Consiglio Regionale dell’Emilia Romagna. Una manifestazione che vuole sottolineare come le norme regionali sul gioco imporranno la chiusura di molte attività a causa dell’applicazione del distanziometro.