National law

AIR and VIR: tools for implementing the quality of standardization

It is possible to download, from the official page of the General Advocacy of the State, the review relating to the Acts of Convengo: "For an observatory of litigation as a tool for regulatory quality. The containment of public spending and economic development" held in Rome, at the General Advocacy of the State, last 24 May 2018.

The Budget Law 2018

At the session of December 23, the Senate Hall finally approved, in third reading, the State Budget for the 2018 financial year and the multi-year budget for the three-year period 2018-2020 with 140 yes and 97 no. The question of confidence had been placed on the Budget law on the approval of article 1 of the text transmitted by the Chamber and the House renewed confidence in the Government.

The budget law: the "yes" of the Senate

The Senate Chamber voted for the government's confidence in the draft Budget Law 2018, which also includes provisions on games, with 149 votes in favor and 93 against, on the text resulting from the work of the fifth committee and with some corrections and additions of character institutional and technical. Approved the variation note, in turn approved by the Council of Ministers, the final ok arrived with 136 votes.