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"Artificial Intelligence could be a useful tool to prevent gaming-related problems"

Thus lawyer Stefano Sbordoni at the first edition of the Italian Gaming Expo & Conference (IGE)

Last 18 and 19 April, the first edition of the Italian Gaming Expo & Conference (IGE) entitled "The sustainable future of gaming" was held in Rome at the Palazzo dei Congressi. A "two days" entirely dedicated to the Italian legal gaming market , to delve deeper into the reality of a sector whose importance is recognized internationally together with institutions, experts, academics, opinion leaders and influencers. Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, among the speakers in the panel "Artificial Intelligence: Gaming trend 2024 vs HR. Etich", underlined that "The web and Artificial Intelligence are already part of the fundamental rules". In his opinion, therefore, "in the field of law, there is nothing to invent, indeed, in this case rigidity should not be sought regulations given the issue addressed". “The European Union's AI Act", highlighted Lawyer Sbordoni, "is a good rule and is a sensible approach towards artificial intelligence and is based on the possibilities of risk to civil society". “The tool in the public gaming sector", continued the well-known Roman lawyer, "can be used in a proactive way to prevent problems deriving from compulsive gambling or even fraud". "If through AI the risk", concluded the lawyer Sbordoni, "the contractual root of the risk which is the basis of the game is missing".