Amusement machines

The obscurantist respectability

Pierluigi Battista (author of a beautiful and disturbing article in the Corriere del 21 gennaio u.s.) allows us to use the concept he expressed, for what the public gaming sector is going through in Italy. The occasion is given by the issue of the amendments approved recently to the Tuscany regional law n. 57/13, which again brings us back to a strange context, that of obscurantist respectability.

The political apathy of the Piemonte case

The regional law of Piemonte n. 9/2016, with effect from 20 November, has imposed the removal of all slots installed in commercial establishments, including tobacconists, located near sensitive places such as schools, hospitals, places of worship and aggregation centers in general.

The growth of VLTs in Italy

A recent report on the Italian gamingmarket, L’Italia in Gioco from the Italian research institute Eurispes, indicates that there are about 90,000 video lottery terminals (VLTs) presently active in the world, accounting for 4 percent of all of the world’s gaming machines. VLTs are mainly located in the United States, with 22,200 in Montana, 21,200 in West Virginia, 14,000 in Louisiana and 13,000 in NewYork and Canada.

VLTs in Italy

A recent report from Eurispes (an Italian research insitute) on the Italian gaming market L’Italia in Gioco, has indicated in about 90.000 the Video Lottery Terminals at present active in the world. (4% of the whole world gaming machines). VLT’s are mainly located in North America, (22.200 in Montana, 21.200 in West Virginia, 14.000 in Louisiana, 13.000 in New York State), Canada, and marginally in Europe, (10.000 terminals, most of which in Sweden and Czech Republic).