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Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni (general secretary of the Italian Sports Totoricevitori Union): "Necessary guarantees for the reopening of the gaming sector"

So said lawyer Stefano Sbordoni on the sidelines of the public gaming event held last February 18 in Rome and Milan, participated by numerous operators in the sector, in which the general secretary of the Ut.i.s. reiterated that "the patchy rules enacted by local authorities must be suspended and reviewed"
"The words that I like best are reopening in safety, but above all equality and dignity in reopening", said to Agimeg lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, general secretary of U.t.i.s., on the sidelines of the gaming sector event held last February 18 at the same time in Piazza del Popolo in Rome and in Piazza Duomo in Milan. Mr. Sbordoni, in particular, specified that "If reopened because we have to be open, we must be like everyone else. If there are no conditions for others, comparable to us, then there are no conditions for us either. we respect this but we want to be respected first of all. This is the representation of a sector made up of what you see. Women have demonstrated how the audience of workers in the sector is composed. They are workers like everyone and how everyone must work". According to lawyer Sbordoni, in fact, "It is necessary to have all the rights and conditions of all activities that are comparable. We must have the guarantees of recovery, we cannot think of reopening the sector burdened by unsustainable and logic-less rules such as the patchy ones adopted by several local authorities. They must be suspended and reviewed calmly. An overall reform of the gaming sector is necessary and the crisis must not be aggravated".