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Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni (general secretary of the Italian Sports Totoricevitori Union): "Gaming workers carry out a service of public necessity"

For lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, U.t.i.s. general secretary, that carried out by gaming workers "must be considered a service of public necessity".
Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, general secretary of U.t.i.s., in a recent interview granted to Agimeg, pointed out how "thanks to the women of Piazza Montecitorio, it has finally been realized that the workers in the gaming sector are not covered with scales, they do not have fangs or the snake's tail but they are made of flesh and blood, women and men with families who depend on their work, honest, conscious and above all work carried out on behalf of the State "and pointed out that" those who have exploited the image for goals that are anything but noble, negatively influencing public opinion, must be aware of the damage it has created”. Lawyer Sbordoni relies that "we can initiate those reforms that will allow those who have the right to work peacefully, without having to take to the streets to obtain dignity like all other workers, without discrimination, without 'anxiety to see the business close from one day to the next, to lose everything ". According to the lawyer Sbordoni, moreover, "for these reasons the refreshments are not enough, for which we had to fight to get them like the others, but we need to suspend those prejudicial regulations that risk frustrating all the efforts by the women of the square and from the whole sector for the reopening ". Lawyer Sbordoni, then, stated that "from the moment of reopening, in respect of everyone's health and, therefore, in line with the indications that in this sense will be given equally to all, it will be necessary to give time to operators in the sector to restart activities so as to allow those who work to be able to support themselves ". Lastly, with regard to the qualification of "public official" for game operators, Lawyer Sbordoni observed that "there is probably a misunderstanding here, perhaps due to the incorrect use of the terms", since, like U.t.i.s. has been saying for a long time, it should rather be recognized that "what carried out by gaming workers is a service of public necessity", as to carry it out "it's necessary to obtain the concession and subsequent authorization from the State and register with the RIES (shortly RUOG) "