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Esports, here is the Legal Manifesto

The Italian ESports Observatory (OIES) presented the manifesto for the regularization and analysis of the esports sector in Italy.


What are the main critical regulatory aspects of the Esports sector in Italy? And how could they be solved? These are the questions to which the "Esports Legal Manifesto", the first legal document of the esports sector in Italy promoted by the Italian Esports Observatory (OIES) and by the legal partners registered in its network, tries to provide answers. It is the first attempt to bring to the attention of institutional stakeholders and not the points to be regulated for a harmonious development of the sector and represents a compass for those who want to know and understand how to orient themselves in the current Italian market. It is a work drawn up according to a propositive logic and open to the various plausible solutions in relation not only to the current legislation, but also to a regulatory framework to be developed in the near future, a document that seeks to bring to the attention of the public the main points on which intervene with ideas and proposals. Each question analyzed, in fact, also contains a proposal to solve the problems brought to the attention of the speakers. The topics covered derive from the first Esports Legal Forum organized by the OIES and are the main critical points that are holding back the growth of the sector, especially at the business level. They range from the recognition of esports as a sporting discipline, to in-game advertising, from issues related to betting, intellectual property and contractual aspects of the players. With this work, however, the Italian Esports Observatory confirms its role as leader in monitoring and aggregator aspects of the main law firms that are positioning themselves in this sector.