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"Entrust the reorganization of fixed-odds number games and number games to one or more decrees of the Director of the Customs and Monopoly Agency"

This is the proposal of Senator Andrea De Bertoldi (FdI) in relation to the Refreshments Ter Decree that the Government is about to issue.
Senator Andrea De Bertoldi (FdI) recently proposed an amendment to article 33 of the next Refreshments Decree with the insertion of a specific article (Article 33-bis), which, in order to optimize and rearrange the management and state functions with regard to the organization and management of fixed-odds number games and national totaliser number games, it should provide for the issuing by the Director of the Customs and Monopoly Agency of one or more decrees based on the following guidelines: "a ) Identification of the measures necessary to ensure the sustainability of the gaming collection network and concessions, also as a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic; b) identification of the best methods of technological development to avoid the risk of obsolescence of equipment and game modes . On the date of entry into force of the aforementioned decrees, the incompatible regulatory provisions referred to in the DPR are to be considered repealed 7 August 1990, n. 303; 16 September 1996, n. 560; 24 January 2002, n. 33; 4 October 2002, n. 240."