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Covid19 emergency, football asks for the reintroduction of bet sponsors

The President of the Serie A football league requested the reintroduction of betting sponsors to face up the serious crisis of football clubs due to the covid 19 emergency

Paolo Dal Pino, the president of the Serie A Football League, has formally asked the Italian Government to reintroduce for the next 24 months the betting sponsors for the Serie A clubs. The elimination of this element of sponsorship, which, instead, is present throughout Europe, said Dal Pino, "took away a lot of millions of sponsors". Further, Dal Pino pointed out that he had written to the Government on more than one occasion about this question, but "I never received a response" contrary to what happens in England and Germany, where their governments have committed themselves to finding a solution. After all, as Dal Pino himself remarked, "Football is not only an important industry, but it's also part of the Italian DNA".