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"Gaming activities closed for ideological reasons, but the interests of gaming operators are the same as those of the Nation"

Stefano Sbordoni, high Court lawyer expert in the gaming and betting sector and, among other things, member of the GiocareItalia Presidency Committee, said this during the live broadcast with the director of Agimeg, Fabio Felici
Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni does not mince words during the live broadcast with Agimeg director Fabio Felici. According to the lawyer, a well-known expert in the gaming and betting sector and member of the Presidential Committee of the GiocareItalia Confederation, "the sector will reopen after the Christmas holidays", although above all the recent measures against the sector to deal with the Covid19 emergency have led to be pessimistic as well as perhaps sustainable as they "are driven by a purely ideological motivation that has hit the game". However, continues the lawyer, "gambling is part of a basket of activities that together give the yardstick of living together and feeling well, this basket must be preserved and not dismembered. In the reduction of circulation opportunities, which is why the sector is closed, perhaps it should be considered to keep it at a reduced rate, as well as all commercial activities". For the well-known lawyer, moreover, "The right to be treated fairly is something that cannot be fought over, this is the main source of discomfort and discontent in the sector. If the halls were to be closed to contribute to the good of we would all agree, while instead they are sacrificed only for ideological reasons". When asked if it is possible to plan to allocate part of the gambling money to the Municipalities, thus avoiding restrictive orders against the activities of the sector, lawyer Sbordoni replied that "It could be a benefit to involve local authorities in the allocation and accounting of gambling proceeds, but to do this it is necessary to pass from a primary rule", while he has no doubts about the importance of the sector for the tax authorities: " The whole activity of ADM is worth 70 billion euros of tax collection, therefore 11 billion of gaming are an important part. For this reason I expect an involvement of the associations by the Agency at the interlocutory level, it does not seem to me to be wants to do something contrary to the interests of the sector, which are then the same interests of the State. Our involvement in the measures will be of help and correct direction towards a peaceful trend in the sector, to defuse the ideological aspect that penalizes the sector "