The sentence of the Constitutional Court n. 27 of 2018

The constitutional court with the sentence no. 27/2018, published on 14.02.2018, spoke on three issues raised in 2015 by the Provincial Tax Commission of Rieti, relating to the constitutional legitimacy of the Single Tax on Bets and Predictions, governed by Legislative Decree no. 504/1998, as amended by the art. 1, paragraph 66, lett. b) of Law 220/2010 (2011 Stability Law).

Thus ruling the Court has again put the finger in the scourge of bad regulation of the gaming industry. Regardless of any type of utilitarian evaluation of the parties involved, the story places us before the need we have been preaching for some time to put our hands (competent and expert ...) on the tangle of laws and regulations that govern the sector today. In spite of the extraordinarily enlarged liver of the recent years of many legal operators, and led to a renouncing attitude towards the near future, we would be of the opinion not to allow too much time for this standardization.

We believe that we can not in any way think of waiting another four years to see how to rearrange the gaming industry in Italy. This could perhaps only agree with those who have consolidated positions of advantage. But on closer inspection even to them, I believe.

The company develops - it does not evolve, it is different - very quickly, in function and in step with the technology. Tomorrow we could be in a completely different scenario from today, and tomorrow may well say in 6/8 months. Politics and elections apart.

The distribution of the game points is a consequence. To be able to have it balanced, we must keep up with the times, and I do not think this is clear to many of those who intend to drive both the country and the gaming industry. ISTAT tells us with the numbers: in Italy increasingly old and declining births. This is perhaps the basis of programs for old men who in their immobility and fear of change mistakenly post hopes of life support.

Mind you, old should not be understood as a function of age registry: we have in Italy lucid minds and able to see beyond, even in people who are considered old age. But old is the excess of bureaucracy, old is the idea that through this you want to control or manage the country. Old too many presumed young people who do not believe quality or hope to hold positions of power. Old is who gives him twine.

There is still disconnect between the web as a reality and the perception that it has from us. I have always maintained from an academic scholar of the law of computer science that the web is an instrument not a parallel reality, and as such it must be lived. We're not there yet. This is where we need to accelerate: not on repression and maintenance of conservative positions, but on digital education and on the rapid reaction of the norms accompanying the development of society, also in the approach to gaming. It takes timeliness, courage, competence and a medium-term vision.