The cosmic void

The definition of emptiness applies to many cases, maintaining the common characteristic of generating a sense of anguish in those who enter it.
The most disturbing perhaps that of quantum physics, which defines the void as the main element of the Universe, which hides within itself infinite surprises: to the point of saying that "a bit 'of emptiness contains energy that can destroy the whole planet Earth".
What does this have to do with the game and in particular with the public game? We explain it.

The reckless action of many public administrators, supported by politicians of the same thickness, is, in fact, emptying that structured container that we have over time defined as a public gaming system, a complex system formed by a plurality of subjects that finds root and legitimacy in the law. A system that generates over billions of euros a year in revenue, destined to the community according to the needs (from 80 euros of Renzi, to the income of inclusion, to the hypotheses of income of citizenship), work - including the induced - for about one hundred thousand workers, and a bank to the criminal colonization of the immanent activity that it carries out.

Returning to the definition, in astronomy by emptiness we mean a large-scale structure of the Universe substantially constituted by an enormous space, not devoid of matter, of extremely low density compared to what is observed in the Universe. Moreover, the existence of voids can represent significant physical evidence of the existence of dark energy. That is that - even if not proven - would be the engine of the expansion of the Universe.

With a Pindaric analogy, creating a vacuum, therefore also of a system, would produce very little controllable effects, and even an acceleration of development, albeit thanks to a "dark energy". This is what we believe can happen (or maybe it is already happening) in the game world: the progressive demolition of the public gaming system generates a productive vacuum of dark effects, which reproduce in an accelerated and uncontrolled way precisely what we wanted to demolish. Now, let's try to dwell on the analogy of dark energy: in astrophysics this is not a negative force, indeed. It is identified as the predominant and most mysterious ingredient of the current standard model, which contributes to about 75% of the universe's matter / energy density and causes its current accelerated expansion. In the game world we can compare it to the unregulated game, which expands continuously and in inverse proportion to the ability of regulators to absorb it. Mind you, there is NO talk about criminal activities related to the game, such as those well described by the Assistant Prosecutor Dr Russo of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate in his recent interview. It is true that these also feed better due to the creation of emptiness, but - mind you - they are based precisely on the existence and credibility of a legal gaming system, distorting the constituent elements to their advantage, using for this purpose methods of organized crime. The founding principle of the existing system, which we always like to remember, and of which this senseless demolition prevents application, is that of channeling the game into controlled circuits. Returning to the analogy, being able to direct the flow of energy making it from obscure to clear, managing both intensity and acceleration in a manner compatible with healthy regulation and socially sustainable.

The indigestible minestrone that has long wanted to be proposed, made of an attack on health, morality, prevalent criminality, and rudeness, remains on the stomach not only by professionals - provoking the distorting effects described above - but by all citizens endowed with intellect, in which the legitimate doubt arises that the State in its multiple components is not able to manage a phenomenon that is however immanent (understood as inherent in human nature and in a relationship of mutual coexistence with it), if not through continuous and illogical contradictions .

The vacuum then causes other unpleasant effects: in the contracts for the chartering of merchant ships, the empty full clause means that the charterer undertakes to pay the freight on the amount of the agreed goods, even if it takes less. It is then said that the charterer must also pay the full vacuum and the relative freight is called dead freight. Here, we would not want to ultimately pay all of us a dead freight for this emptiness of the public system of the game that is awkwardly creating.