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Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni: "finally there is a new climate of reasonableness and objectivity towards the legal game"

Observations of lawyer Stefano Sbordoni on the sidelines of the conference organized by Lottomatica on "Public gaming, legality and consumer protection" held in Rome on 20 October 2021 at Palazzo Colonna Coffee House

Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, UTIS secretary general, in an interview with the online newspaper Agimeg.it on the sidelines of the recent conference organized by Lottomatica on the topic "Public gaming, legality and consumer protection", underlined how all the interventions of the referents high-profile institutions have been marked by a climate of reasonableness, objectivity and constructiveness lost in recent years of senseless delegitimization of the legal gaming sector, which have led to the consequences of new forms of illegality, as emphasized above all by one of the respondents, the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Cafiero de Raho. Moreover, lawyer Sbordoni, commenting on what emerged in the aforementioned conference, wanted to underline the error contained in the declarations on advertising made by Carlo Cottarelli - according to which "the State in the game must discourage excesses, the rules that restrict advertising are useful "- as it must be ways advertising of illegal gaming, unauthorized sites but not advertising intended as a clear and unprejudiced communication of legal gaming, which instead serves the citizen to be able to distinguish legal sites from illegal ones. What is missing today, in fact, according to the well-known legal expert in the sector, is the institutional communication that must accompany the advertising of the legal game. For the lawyer Sbordoni, after all, we need the right rules for legal gaming and advertising, if accompanied by a reorganization of the sector, as also stated by the Undersecretary of the MEF with responsibility for gaming Federico Freni, "it is healthy, as it eliminates the illegal and reduces ludopathic phenomena "and only when there is a clear distinction between legal and illegal is it possible to better identify the area in which phenomena of excess can occur and to combat what passes through non-recordable channels. "In this context", continued Avv. Sbordoni, "if everyone in the institutions plays their role distinctly, but well, respecting that of the others without interference, there is more clarity and benefits for everyone and this also concerns competing competences, such as those of the Ministry of Health, to which it is up to dictate regulations on the public gaming sector "."Otherwise", underlined the well-known lawyer, "it is precisely from this that secondary regional, local and municipal regulatory opprobriums derive, all attributable to an abuse of competing competence that creates chaos". Moreover, this issue was also clearly represented by the undersecretary Federico Freni and the general manager of ADM, Marcello Minenna, while the prosecutor De Raho reiterated that in order to combat the deviations of the game, a reorganization is needed, "a clear regulatory framework that all we hope that institutions will do their own, without trespassing into the field of others ". "If there is delegitimization and distrust in the institutions" concluded lawyer Sbordoni, "how can the citizen distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate gambling in the context of authorized gambling, especially without having adequate communication?".