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Dignity Decree, according to lawyer Sbordoni "important effects on the gaming market"

Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, General Secretary of UTIS, during his speech at the recent online event of SBC Digital Italia - 2021, underlined that "The Dignity Decree has had important effects on the market, with a digital acceleration, in the last five years, which has led to new forms of marketing". Considering that the world of the web reacts at a faster speed than the laws, continued the well-known legal expert in the sector, "it's impossible to apply the Agcom guidelines since digital acceleration is faster than the norms". According to lawyer Sbordoni, "the combination of the dignity decree and new forms of marketing is the new non-normality of gaming .... We have come out of traditional branding campaigns, remote gaming dealers must have different precautions, whose legal aspects must be carefully considered, but must be weighed on the company's investment". This, according to the well-known lawyer, "led to the expansion to new channels, following the guidelines the operators had in fact had to adapt to 'for fun' channels, then seeking verticalization on the 'for real', as well as new loyalty offers, to new platforms "and all this" has created the narrowness of that standard applied to a world whose speed is higher than what we are used to ". "Being in a particular situation" concluded Mr. Sbordoni, "it is very difficult to talk about compliance: in an anomalous situation, solutions and escape routes must be found in the world of the web, which are the new normal. words, the effect of the dignity decree combined with Agcom guidelines has created a parallel right "and, therefore," we must speak today of an alternative compliance ".