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ISS, Sbordoni: "Important research, but read together with other factors"

"The data on the spread of pathological gambling that emerge today from the research of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità are important, but should be read together with other data". This is how Agimeg Stefano Sbordoni, an expert Gaming lawyer, commented on the sidelines of the presentation.

"It emerges, for example, that the areas of the country where there is a greater spread of risky behavior", he observes, "are for example those in which there are low employment, development, industrialization and less infrastructures, and a lower presence of the state". The research also reveals that the area with the lowest percentages of players tout court, and of players at risk is the North East, despite regions such as Veneto and Emilia Romagna are among those with the highest gaming volumes. "In reality it is a confirmation" object Sbordoni. "These are regions where there is a greater availability of money, higher rates of employment, more infrastructure, all of which suggests that the inhabitants - even if they spend more - play healthily, without developing risky behavior". And for Sbordoni in this talk is also included the competition of illegal gambling: "If the legal offer withdraws, becomes less competitive, or otherwise is hindered, the players are looking for the illegal market and the ISS research shows that here, the percentages of players at risk are twice the legal market".