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Taxation of the gaming industry is absolutely anomalous, excessive and at the limit of constitutional retention

"The tax situation of the gaming industry is absolutely anomalous, fragmentary, excessive and on the verge of constitutional tenure.As a professor of tax law in the Games of the University of Salerno I have studied the subject a lot, to which much of the high training that will start at the end of November, concerning the taxation of games."

This was stated by the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni commenting on the news beaten by Agimeg that the game is once again confirmed as one of the sectors with the highest taxation in Italy, over 50% of spending (last year it was close to 54%). "On this issue, the surveys of Agimeg are very focused - continued Sbordoni - as today the tax situation in the sector is decidedly unbalanced and leaves few margins to the operators of the supply chain." I believe that, regardless of the different points of view towards the sector It would be advisable to maintain a homogeneous tax coherence and for this reason, devoting a course of study on this aspect, I believe, is an act due to an important sector that ensures tax revenue and employment", concluded Sbordoni.