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Convention Global Starnet, Sbordoni: "The game must be channeled into controlled circuits, otherwise it goes towards illegality"

ROME - "The game is a flow that increases or decreases depending on the population and the availability of money.It must be channeled into controlled circuits, otherwise it will go in some other direction". This was stated by Stefano Sbordoni, professor of tax law of games, during the convention of Global Starnet managers "The rules of the game: the sector compared".

A "very simple" concept "that could also explain to Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, to make him understand that the game can not disappear", said moderator Giuseppe Cruciani. "The game is like a gas, which can be compressed to a certain point: when we break the frame of the legal game, that is where the illicit phenomena are born", concluded Sbordoni.
Regarding the criterion of minimum distances from sensitive places and delocalization, Sbordoni stressed that the distanziometro "was chosen to guarantee the protection of health, an aspect that was judged prevalent compared to the others (such as business interests and the revenue tax, ed). But then the whole community should benefit from it". However, he concluded, "if you relocate to a higher good - provided that delocalization is a wrong criterion - all pay a price, which now falls only on one category".