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The government risks losing the sector's cash position

In search of the ban, we asked one of the top experts in sportsbetting in Italy, the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, who has always dealt with relationships between bookmakers and the Customs and Monopolies Agency and takes care of the regulatory aspects.

What happened to the document of the race, in short?
"The Government and the technicians have certainly worked to prepare the document of the public tender but all this presupposes that the famous paragraph of the decree Dignity that talked about the entire reorganization of the public gaming sector, should be implemented. you can still see it".

How to move on, then?
"I imagine that a specific rule will be written that could include the reorganization of the sector and the call for tenders, or we will find ourselves 'from the beginning to twelve' with a clear error in the financial statements, where a precise collection forecast has been inserted it could fail, and in the same way, a failure to reorganize does not allow those forecasts to be real".

There is, in fact, a distorted view of the sector that seems to be a "cow" with infinite reserves but sooner or later it will not produce anything if you keep on milking it meaningless: "The continuous increases of the single tax collection on slots and Awp allows, at least immediately, to be able to make those calculations on the roofs that make up the circle on the measures of the Government, however, in the offices of the Ministry of Education and in those of the House and Senate, the passage concerning the lower tax base has not been seen due to the effect of local and regional regulations, but everything is connected: I have to make a prediction on the tax base because if this is stable then the accounts return but if it reduces, and the most likely scenario seems to be this, then the revenue will decrease almost inevitable and they will skip the calculations and if the competition will not be included in some regulation with the reorganization then the problems will become even more serious".

The Government thinks of striking who knows which lobby but the trick has now been revealed, right?
"The term in question is abused, or given a complete sense or is a term to confuse those who do not have clear ideas.The large groups operating in the sector will be forced to put their hands on the margins by worsening the conditions of the supply chain. I force big companies to get together working on smaller margins and more on finance than on the economy, in a cascade I create negative effects on the supply chain, and this affects those who wanted to protect, ie the players and problematic players, going against the initial purpose".
And yet it goes on, along this road, and it is even explicitly stated that it was the game and its taxes taken to the extreme to finance the two 'gialloverde' government flag maneuvers, income of citizenship and quota hundred: "Who expects these two measures and is based on taxes on the game could find a nasty surprise. As we analyzed before, if you continue to destroy the base and do not understand that the margins sooner or later can no longer be moved or downloaded down, that money will come to miss them and they will have to take them somewhere else", continues Sbordoni.

We go forward: but the continuous regime of prorogatio does not contravene the Procurement Code that prohibits its repeated use?
"Someone, sooner or later, will raise his hand and say, that's enough, the EU commission has already pointed out several times in recent years have resorted to different escamotage but this is it. of other operators who are waiting for the tender while maintaining a status quo expired favoring some subjects and excluding others. An imbalance of competition is being generated. And this continues to be discussed in the European Court of Justice for years. supporting irrational and unsustainable principles behind the proclamation of the fight against any form of game, then we must arrange ourselves with norms, an endless sarabande of disputes and situations that are difficult for everyone".

And in order not to miss anything there is also a ban on advertising that will contribute to worsening the margins of maneuvering of dealers and online agencies and bets: "It is clear that if there is an activity granted in the form of public service to which the positive and negative effects are linked, to be aware of these and to favor, stem or fight, I as a citizen must be informed and there must be a form of communication for operators able to clarify all this. To argue that everything is forbidden would also mean to deny the campaigns of caution towards the game. If I do not know the authorized game I will be exposed to all that is illegal and illegitimate. We must be very careful", concludes the lawyer Sbordoni.