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Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni "The role of A.D.M. is important in the fight against counterfeiting"

According to lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, general secretary of U.T.I.S., "it is necessary to keep the attention on the gaming sector high without prohibitions that could hinder legal activities"

In a recent interview given to  Agimeg, lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, Secretary General of UTIS, once again reiterated the fundamental role of the Customs and Monopolies Agency in the fight against counterfeiting and the need to keep attention on the entire sector . games, hoping that the lawful activity is not hindered by unnecessary and further prohibitions. "The activity carried out by the Customs and Monopoly Agency in the fight against counterfeiting of made in Italy is a very important activity", the well-known lawyer expressly stated, "which aims to protect not only consumers, but also the in all sectors of Italian excellence, from fashion to cars". Lawyer Sbordoni wanted to draw attention on this occasion to counterfeiting in the field of public gaming activities, "in continuous growth especially in online gaming, a vehicle through which, as the Ministers Dadone and Garavaglia pointed out, counterfeiting is spreading more and more among young people, with numerous sites not endowed with the concession of Adm". According to the Secretary General of the U.T.I.S., in essence, "the utmost attention must therefore be paid to these unauthorized gaming activities, whose proliferation is also due to the scarce support that legal activities have from the institutions". Moreover, as he himself remarked, counterfeiting thrives when authenticity is neglected and not supported by those in charge and, in the context of the game, this has been happening for too long now. "We have evidence", Mr. Sbordoni concluded, "of significant diffusion of counterfeit gaming activities even among the very young, due to senseless prohibitions and obstacles to legal activities precisely by those who should protect them"