Responsible remote Gambling measures

The Workshop Agreement "Responsible Remote Gambling Measures" is a set of 134 practical measures aimed at safeguarding a high level of consumer protection and ensuring that remote gambling operators behave responsibly in the European Union.

It was published in February 2011 by CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, one of the three European Standardization Organizations officially recognised by the EU, with members in 31 European countries. CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA) are self-regulatory agreements made by and for stakeholders. The current CWA also informs policy makers of the standards required to maintain a responsible, safe and secure remote gambling environment. The CWA at hand concerns remote gambling; landbased gambling is not included in its scope. The work was proposed and undertaken by a wide range of experts and stakeholders involved in different aspects of online gambling. It was formally launched in May 2010, with more than 25 registered participating stakeholders. The CWA is based on more than 600 specific contributions submitted by participants, and the draft was open to public consultation over a three-month period. The CWA is valid for 3 years. During this period it can be updated or the publication can be renewed for a further 3 years if appropriate.

To ensure the proper protection of the customer on as many levels of gambling as possible, the CWA defines 9 objectives. For the effective implementation of each objective, a series of detailed measures is laid down. The 9 objectives are:

01/ The protection of vulnerable customers

  • The objective is to combat problem gambling and to ensure that gambling takes place in a responsible environment.
  • The 21 measures include clear and accessible customer information and the ability for players to impose deposit limits, self-exclusion or cooling-off periods.

02/ The prevention of underage gambling

  • The objective is to provide practical and effective means of preventing underage individuals from accessing remote gambling products.
  • The 14 measures include operator and third-party age and ID verification as well as the use of filtering programs.

03/ Combating fraudulent and criminal behaviour

  • The objective is to protect customers and operators from fraud and criminal behaviour.
  • The 16 measures include the implementation and enforcement of strict security measures and the reporting of any suspected transactions to the authorities.
  • They serve as a complement to the provisions of the 3rd anti-Money Laundering Directive (Directive 2005/60/EC). 1

04/ Protection of customer privacy and safeguarding of information

  • The objective is to ensure that privacy and confidentiality of customer information is secured.
  • The 6 measures include the secure storage of credit card details and a confidentiality clause in employment contracts prohibiting the unauthorised disclosure of information.
  • The measures are in compliance with the Directive on Data Protection (Directive 95/46/EC) and the e-Privacy Directive (Directive 2009/136/EC) as applicable.

05/ Prompt and accurate customer payments

  • The objective is to secure that payments to customers are prompt and accurate.
  • The 11 measures include the logging of all information regarding receipts and payments and the use of appropriate checks and verification.

06/ Fair gaming

  • The objective is to ensure that all gambling products offered to customers are fair.
  • The 22 measures include proper procedures for ensuring games are random and fair, and identifying suspicious sports betting transactions and patterns which might pose a threat to the integrity of sporting competitions.

07/ Responsible marketing

  • The objective is to provide assurance that advertisements contain factually correct information and are neither false nor misleading.
  • The 10 measures include ensuring advertising is not aimed at underage individuals and does not suggest gambling is a means of solving financial difficulties.

08/ Commitment to customer satisfaction and support

  • The objective is to provide assurance that customers are provided with an enjoyable gaming experience and that possible complaints can be logged at all times and are properly handled.
  • The 7 measures include procedures for the proper handling of customer complaints and the availability of third-party mediation.

09/ Secure, safe and reliable operating environment.

  • The objective is to ensure that gambling products are provided in a secure, safe and reliable operating environment.
  • The 27 measures include risk-based internal and external security reviews that should be conducted at least annually or in the event of material changes as well as regular training and awareness programmes for compliance personnel.