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Sigma Malta, Sbordoni: "Italy, stop hypocrisies and points to sustainability"

The comment of the legal expert in gaming, Stefano Sbordoni, on the sidelines of the Sigma event in Malta: 'Italy abandons hypocrisy and points to sustainability'.

Qa’ Tali, Malta - "Visiting foreign realities and gaming events, we immediately realize how it is possible to manage a sensitive market such as the game so as to be able to derive benefits for the country but without disregarding the protection of central values ​​such as safety or consumer protection . Therefore using an approach oriented towards full sustainability. A very different scenario from the current one which concerns our country where, on the contrary, politics uses prohibitionist methods, only to systematically resort to tax to generate more revenue. In a blatant contradiction, the daughter of a hypocritical and objectively wrong approach, precisely because it is not oriented towards sustainability". This is the comment provided by the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni to GiocoNews.it from the Sigma fair in progress in Malta, where the "Italian case" is systematically raised as a bad example, referring to the total ban on advertising introduced by the Dignity decree.

"Unfortunately complex situations cannot be tackled with simple solutions, much less with slogans - he adds - as instead continues to happen in Italy where, not surprisingly, all critical situations are not resolved and end up getting worse: think of the Ilva case, to Alitalia and so on, and in the game it is perhaps even worse, since it is the governments that cause the problems, rather than solve them, through the kind of hypocritical and inconsistent approach that then leads to absurd and difficult to implement rules, such as the advertising ban".