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Sbordoni (Utis) to Agimeg: "Dpcm violate constitutional guarantees. If opens a restaurant must also open a game room, betting or bingo"

"All these cascading rules and regulations are not the result of valid legislation, but of a social pact between citizens and the state against which one party has decided to impose and the other to respect them as it deems appropriate. In my opinion, all these Dpcm violate serious constitutional guarantees ". This was stated by lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, president of UTIS, during the live facebook with the director of Agimeg, Fabio Felici, on the closing of betting and bingo rooms until at least June 14th.

"The risk of contagion is an objective fact, it does not concern the merchandise or the Ateco code, therefore when this risk is contained or provisions are made so that it does not spread or is not particularly extensive, the rules apply to everyone. So if a restaurant can keep their distance, a bingo room or a betting room can do it too. Unfortunately, from a legal point of view, little can be done, as the appeal process is complex, it must go through the appeal of an application and not of a law. All this brings me to another matter: have the regions been invested with a competence on public gaming activities, today that competence has been taken away from them? We have had to make a State-Regions conference to agree local authorities with the Government's indications on the game, otherwise those of the Government had no value, today it is the opposite, today only the Government gives the indications. Here, too, another very important conflict, of the two one. Furthermore, there is always an instrumental attack on those who defend the game”. The lawyer Sbordoni also notes "that the justice competent for the theme of the game is as if it conformed to the political diktat, I happened to have avoided the legal speech, in the classrooms of administrative courts I noticed how the speech was avoided to cut short with few words and little motivated decisions. This is even more serious, this anti-gambling front has spread to some institutions, denying their meaning". Speaking of the workers in the arcades, Sbordoni said that "referring to the constitution and labor law regulations, it is the worker who is discriminated against, as he is fired because that certain activity does not start again, unlike others. But the closing actions disguised as protection of the game are instigation to commit a crime, as those spaces are immediately filled by those who do not care about the law. The same activities that the government thinks of repressing, are carried out by someone else outside the law".