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"Giocobyte, the evolution of the Public game from the urn to the fiber"

This was the topic of the two days dedicated to public gaming organized by the International Gaming Observatory held on May 26 and 27 at the University of Salerno, in the Fisciano office, which was attended by some of the major operators and experts of the sector.

On May 26th and 27th an event completely dedicated to public gaming took place at the University of Salerno with the theme "Giocobyte: the public game in the evolution from the urn to the fiber", a conference organized by the International Gaming Observatory and led by Professor Ornella De Rosa. Many interventions that followed, divided into three different panels. Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, who spoke on May 26 in his capacity as a legal expert in the sector and as a member of the International Gambling Observatory, underlined that "A meta-disciplinary examination of the topic of gaming allows everyone to evaluate that topic according to the elements that are more congenial "." In this way - said the lawyer - leads to a development of the theme of the game, not to a suffocation .... and development can have many meanings, it does not necessarily mean that the sector is enlarged ".  He reiterated that now gambling and betting can no longer be ignored, but must be controlled "for its deviant effects in some cases, such as the pathological one" and that "one cannot think of suffocating something that already existed in 2000 BC", as "even those who have an aversion to this problem must be able to evaluate it in this light". According to the lawyer, "in the metadisciplinary field, development is not an incentive, but a necessity. Any public and private theme is developed and contextualized in the age in which one lives. It is impossible not to do so for a theme that is permanent in humanity since very distant times. Technological evolution is so fast that, in an activity such as gaming that makes extensive use of it, we cannot help but stick to the standardization of the sector or deny it ". "I contest some positions, whatever they may be, for or against gambling, which exist without any scientific or regulatory basis" continued Sbordoni, who hopes that "public debates, including parliamentary ones, will open to too much knowledge superficial ". "Public gaming operators work professionally, but find themselves in dark situations, due to the fact that today we would like and promote a meta-disciplinary analysis of the gaming sector, but - concluded Sbordoni - it is not happening, it has not happened and it won't happen in the appropriate places in the way we would like ".