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On the subject of gaming, there are still many errors, so far the application of a normative and regulatory logic has been lacking

"It seems to me that, in the face of a representation of a maturity of some politicians on the theme of the game, unfortunately many mistakes are still made and things are said inappropriately. A complex topic, even if inconvenient, requires competence and generic assumptions cannot be made".

This is what attorney Stefano Sbordoni, secretary general of Utis told Agimeg, commenting on the words of Senator Giovanni Endrizzi (M5S) for which the regional laws that block the distance meter must be challenged and that the competence of the game is of the State, not of the Regions. "On the competence of the State-Regions - continued Sbordoni - in particular on the renunciation of revenue from games, a topic on which we have written, rewritten and explained several times, we say that the game exists, so either you choose to take advantage of it for the community through a right taxation and a controlled exercise, or you choose to ignore it and let it follow its own flows. There is no middle ground.Thinking to renounce it means letting it go its own way, but you should not make believe that it will no longer exist "It will always exist. The volume of turnover, given by the number of the population and the availability of income, is incompressible. Historical, scientific and specialist studies dating back to the mists of time prove it. We hope - concluded Sbordoni - that this alleged maturation on the subject is a source of benefits for the community through the application of a normative and regulatory logic that has so far been lacking. It does not seem to us that we are at this point. It seems to me rather that we are in the logic of hiding the dust under the carpet ".