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Esports, meeting OIES and Five Stars Movement

Attorney Stefano Sbordoni was present at the conference as a member of OIES

"Maximum commitment to resolve regulatory shortcomings and contribute to the development of the sector"

Esports enter Parliament. A meeting was held two days ago in the Chamber organized by Luca Carabetta, deputy of the 5 Star Movement and member of the Permanent Productive Activities Commission and by other representatives of the 5 Star Movement who are dealing with the matter with the Italian Esports Observatory (OIES) represented by co-founder Luigi Caputo and the law firms that are members of the Observatory, including Avv. Stefano Sbordoni of Sbordoni & Partners. The purpose of the conference was to analyze all the aspects of a sector still lacking in regulation since, it was reiterated, the problem of Esports is not only the LAN Rooms, but also the access to licenses, employment contracts, professions, the rights and duties of the players, advertising, prize money and sports recognition. "With its Legal Manifesto", Luigi Caputo said, "OIES has always been at the forefront in reporting the regulatory deficiencies of the system and today we have finally been able to share all the knowledge produced so far directly in Parliament". M5S deputy Luca Carabetta has underlined that the meeting was useful "to take stock of the problems of the sector and the proposals to be put in place" since the recent issue of the "LAN Rooms" highlighted that "there is much more to be done to give the right recognition and support for a sector that affects a very large slice of the Italian population and which should become an asset for our future, just as it happens in other countries such as France" reassuring the willingness of the Movement to "collect the requests of sector operators to build a path together".