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Emilia Romagna, UTIS: 'We demand intervention to restore legality'

The operators and receivers of the UIT call for a rally the operators of the Emilia Romagna public game to ask for modification of the law on the game.

"The situation of the gaming operators in Emilia-Romagna has become unsustainable, not only because of the inconvenience it creates to the local economic activities but also because of the repercussions in terms of illegality and therefore security for the local community and for this reason it is necessary to intervene with a change to the regional law".

With these words the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, as general secretary of the Utis - Union of Italian sports receivers, comments to GiocoNews.it the reasons that led the body, chaired by Gianfranco Chiari, to promote the street demonstration scheduled for on 17 September, in Bologna.

A sit-in with which the body intends to ask to be able to speak with the regional council in order to sensitize the institutions and the public opinion on the difficult situation and on the risks for employment caused by the law on the game.

An initiative that stems from the start of last August of the closure proceedings of many activities under the regional law and the relative distance meter.