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From next July 1st, gaming, betting, bingo and casino rooms will reopen

The Law Decree n. 65 containing "Urgent measures relating to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19", under which the gaming and betting sector will finally be able to reopen from next 1 July.
Finally, positive news for all operators in the gaming / betting sector. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella signed the new Opening Law Decree, published yesterday in the Official Gazette. The decree contains the new anti-Covid easing measures, including the reopening, scheduled for 1 July 2021, of the activities, in the yellow zone, of amusement arcades, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos, even if carried out in interior of premises used for different activities. The decree mentions the decree-law n. 33 of 2020 regarding the protocols to which gaming activities must comply. The paragraph cited in the article on games provides that "The economic, productive and social activities must be carried out in compliance with the contents of protocols or guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar areas, adopted by the regions or by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces in compliance with the principles contained in the national protocols or guidelines. In the absence of regional ones, the protocols or guidelines adopted at national level apply. The limiting measures of economic, productive and social activities can be adopted, in compliance with the principles of adequacy and proportionality, with provisions issued pursuant to article 2 of decree-law no. 19 of 2020 or paragraph 16".