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Bologna, operators in the square to ask for a comparison with Bonaccini

Operators of the gaming sector in the streets of Bologna, to ask for a confrontation with President Bonaccini on the effects of the regional law on the matter.

Numerous players in the gaming sector took to the streets today, 20 November, in Bologna, to keep high attention on the consequences, including employment resulting from the coming into force of the provisions of the relevant regional law, and to ask for a comparison to the governor Stefano Bonaccini. This also in light of what emerged in the regional council of yesterday, when, in response to a question time, the junta practically said "no" to a possible derogation, but said it was available for a dialogue on the employment consequences that the Entry into force of the rules will result.

Representatives of Res Cogitans, some advisors and members of Agisco, some Sapar representatives take part in the event, while Utis, under the voice of its president Stefano Sbordoni, emphasizes: "We are among the promoters and obviously we adhere to the event scheduled for December 3, and we are in solidarity with that of today and with the aims we are proposing, but we believe that it is not necessary to exacerbate spirits, but we must note that compared to our requests, the current regional councilors, especially the majority, take a stand only for political calculation. This is baffling and frustrating".