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Betting, A.D.M. increases the maximum number of terminals in sports corners to 4

Thanks to the Totocalcio huge success, the Excise, Customs and Monopolies Agency allows an increase in the number of terminals in the sports corners up to a maximum of four.

The Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency with executive determination of 25 February last decided to allow the increase to 4 (four) of the maximum number of gaming terminals at the gaming points called sports "Corners", provided for by the concession agreement for the collection of public games referred to in article 38, paragraph 2, of law decree no. 223, converted with modifications and additions by law 4 August 2006, n. 248. This is explained by the "growing response obtained from the Totocalcio" and the "forecast of an even greater increase in the collection of this prediction competition", by virtue of which "there has been a greater influx of public in the corners of sporting games, also in consideration of the fact that the Totocalcio - as proof of its nature - is played mainly in exercises that do not have as their main activity that of collecting the game ". Moreover, it is considered that "the persistence of the current state of emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic requires taking all appropriate measures to encourage greater social distancing between people to reduce the risk of contagion". Moreover, as stated in the directorial determination, "the terminals also perform an information function regarding the products and services offered, suitable, in this case, to guarantee the correct communication of legal gaming products - such as the Totocalcio" and, consequently, "the better and wider expansion of the Totocalcio can help lead the public back to games with greater intellectual involvement to eliminate the pathological effects, with positive effects also for the protection of public health". Therefore, it is considered necessary, "in order to facilitate distancing within the sports corners, to spread forms of games with greater intellectual involvement which therefore have less propensity to produce dysfunctions, also through extensive information about the same".