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Entertainment machines art. 110 paragraph 7 T.U.L.P.S., extension to 30 April 2022 to submit self-certifications for the issue of clearances

The Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency, with a recent managerial decision, extended the deadline to 30 April 2022 for the submission of self-certifications for the issue of clearances for entertainment machines pursuant to art. 110 paragraph 7 T.U.L.P.S. To this end, we read, "the technological partner Sogei Spa is instructed to send, with telematic or IT tools, to all owners of the aforementioned devices, as resulting from the data in the possession of Adm derived from previous payments of the tax on entertainment, an information note with the new obligations deriving from the legislation and the relative procedures for the consequent administrative obligations ". This extension, for, concerns only the devices "referred to in articles 4 and 5 of directorial determination no. 172999 / RU of 1 June 2021, as amended by the directorial resolution no. 480037 of December 16, 2021", that is "the devices installed before January 1, 2003 (article 4) and the mechanical and electromechanical devices (table football, carom, pinball machine, darts, formerly Am1 to Am6) already installed on 1 June 2021 (Article 5)". In essence, therefore, the owners of this type of equipment without a cash prize were granted two months more time to adapt, compared to the originally scheduled deadline of 28 February. Consequently, "from May 1, 2022, only the devices equipped with the aforementioned authorization titles and the related electronic identification devices will be able to be installed"