The online announcement: yet it moves

In the end, the wait was not disappointed, the ban on remote gaming concessions was finally published.

Not surprisingly, shortly after the dissolution of the rooms, proving that the stalemate was (and for some other aspects, unfortunately still is ...) mainly due to so-called political reasons. "So to speak", because the level of debate has fallen low, very low.

A positive aspect is that the announcement is a first sign of reorganization of the concession system, since in addition to the so-called Bersani adequate, concessions for gambling expired on June 30, 2016, even those relating to ground clearance - and representing a large number of operators - have expired at least since the same date.

The wish, at this point, is that the reorganization continues, interrupting the incomprehensible, exasperating (and suspicious ...) stop-over. It will, in fact, be necessary for this call for tenders to follow those for the game on the ground (bets and bingo, ed), hoping that they will not suffer further delaying dynamics, and similar to those of online. Also because in the meantime the industry media continue to bombard us with anti-gaming proclamations from the most remote municipalities in Italy.

For this announcement there is a significant interest of foreign operators who, not involved in the Italian newspaper, feel less the influence of all the negativity that has hit the sector. And they remain convinced that ours is still an interesting market, something that maybe even the public proclaimers should convince.

Regardless of moralistic drifts, one fact remains: that both as operators and as regulation, Italy represents an excellence that would be foolish to destroy.

With regard to the tender itself, no significant changes are recorded, except for the application of the new procurement code which will require a different attention from those who intend to submit the application, especially in the performance of the activity granted, and for the presence of a further institution to deal with, the ANAC.

The inevitable convergence between online and terrestrial, accentuated by the stall described above, should be taken into account to avoid confusion and pathological situations. Maybe you will do it later, with subsequent regulations.

Even the short deadline to 2022, justified by the search for the alignment of all the concessions, (alignment which we sincerely do not feel an irrepressible need ...) is an aspect of this announcement, which reminds us how short deadlines in relation to other concessions have also been challenged at European level, as in the case of the Monti call.

"Eppur moves", said Galileo Galilei persecuted by the Inquisition and forced to abjure his own theory that he believed (look a bit '...) that the sun, and not the earth, was the center of the universe. And yet it moves, let us now say, commenting on the release of this announcement and the interest that follows from a sector pursued by such a boring inquisition. Hoping that, to be right, not the same centuries as Galileo had to pass.