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"Creating a direct line of confrontation between politics and the world of public gaming"

This is the proposal that GIOCAREITALIA, the Confederation of the Public Gaming Sales Network to which the main gaming sector associations have joined, reiterated in the meeting last November 3 with Ettore Rosato, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies.

GIOCAREITALIA, the Confederation of the Public Gaming Sales Network, was received last Novembre 3 by Ettore Rosato, vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies and National President of Italia Viva. Representing the Confederation were the president Pasquale Chiacchio, Gianmaria Chiodo of the presidential committee and, connected online, Maurizio Ughi, Salvatore Barbieri and the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni. The representatives of GIOCAREITALIA asked the Hon. Rosato to create a direct line of comparison with Italia Viva, receiving excellent feedback. The meeting was part of the GIOCAREITALIA project for the creation of a permanent discussion table between the legal gaming sector and Italian politics, in order to seek support and inform the political world in a correct and professional manner on the great difficulties and problems that is addressing the gaming sector and identifying shared solutions in order to give the gaming sector the attention and respect it deserves and has never had in the past.