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Slot, registration with RIES extended to June 30 2021

The Customs and Monopoly Agency, with directorial determination no. 107624 of the last April 13th, extended the validity of the registration made for the year 2020 on the list provided for in Article 1, paragraph 82, of Law no. 220 of December 13 2010, exceptionally until June 30 2021.
The Customs and Monopolies Agency, taking into account the persistent negative effects of the Covid19 emergency in the gaming and betting sector, has decided to extend the validity of the registration in RIES (the register of operators of entertainment machines referred to in Article 1, paragraph 533, of Law No. 266/2005, as replaced by Article 1, paragraph 82, of Law No. 220 of 13 December 2010) until June 30, 2021. As is known to all operators in the sector, registration in the Register constitutes a qualifying title for the exercise of activities related to public gaming and is ordered (and renewed annually) by the Agency, after verification of the possession by applicants of specific requisites and conditions, including financial ones. Basically, the exercise of any activity functional to the game collection requires registration in the register itself. Well, with the provision in question, the Customs and Monopoly Agency accepted the requests made by the concessionaires for the collection of the game through entertainment machines and by the associations representing the managers and producers who, in the persistence of the emergency situation and uncertainty with regard to the resumption of economic activities in the sector, they urged the adoption of support measures for the sector. Moreover, the suspension of the activities of amusement arcades, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos, similarly to the previous measures motivated by the need to contain and manage the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 which affected the collection of games through entertainment machines, determining the interruption or, at alternating phases, penetrating limitations, during the year affected the regular performance of gaming collection activities through amusement machines, creating uncertainty among many registered on the list about the possibility of continuing to operate in the sector. For these reasons, ADM, as attested in the provision in question, has deemed it appropriate to postpone the obligation to renew the registration in the RIES list until the date of entry into force of the fateful Single Register of public gaming operators and, therefore, has further extended the validity of the current registration.