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"In the online gaming sector, Italian operators have all the skills to be successful"

In his speech at the Sigma Europe event held in Malta from 14 to 18 November, lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, general secretary of Utis, reiterated that "The online market is booming" that "his evolution, the multi-channel phenomenon is nothing more than a physical approach to online, which has been expected for some time" and that "the pandemic has led to an increase in online gaming collections and Italian operators are well updated on this and, both small and large, have good skills in the online field". "Fairs like this one by Sigma which brings innovations from below" continued the well-known lawyer, "are fundamental and are successful because the work comes from at the bottom of the supply chain, by those who work". For Avv. Sbordoni, "Italian regulation still has all the credentials today to represent a model at an international level, but hypocrisies and prejudices about gaming over time have held back the same regulation and the you exhibit one of those who could regulate to advance the sector but are afraid of exposing themselves". "The PVR phenomenon", according to the president of Utis, "was managed correctly by the Administration by listening to and involving the operators and the missed reordering probably leaves open spaces that are always occupied in the gaming market and must be dealt with ". "It is a phenomenon that needs to be watched", he continued, "and regulating is sometimes even dangerous, because if it is not regulated in the correct way and which allows us to keep up with developments, we find ourselves entangled in the same chosen rules". For the lawyer Sbordoni "the administration certainly has the tools to do it, let's see what it will do and what the institutional structure will be like in the coming months" and "the new betting regulation was an innovation that was expected, this too was the subject of discussions comparison with the operators". "This regulation", he continued, "allows you to operate with more breathing space on things that were previously in the shadows. Finally, as regards the reorganization, "those who had promoted this issue are back in the Government. If the premises and promises are kept, we expect a short-term approach considering that the timing of the enabling law is not very short. We will have to see how the work process will be set up because the principles had been set out in the draft law. It is not an easy work, it will have to be done with grano salis. The fact remains that the reform is the only way to provide a more solid regulatory framework for operators".