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eSports, closing of the halls "Controversial issue that needs further study"

Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, consultant of the Coni eSports Committee, interviewed by Agimeg on the recent closure of some eSport pavilions and the seizure of devices such as gaming PCs following a complaint presented to the Customs and Monopoly Agency by an operator in the sector, reiterating first of all that the Committee "carries forward the approval of the sporting activity of eSports as a sport and subsequently of the Federation within the Olympic Committee and that therefore will see the sport to get to the Olympics", declared that he was "quite amazed" by this provision, since, in his opinion, "there is a great underlying misunderstanding, dictated by the lack of knowledge of the sector". "When you approach something highly technological", continued the well-known lawyer, "you have to study and understand a lot well what are you dealing with. It seems to me to confuse a sporting activity with a gambling activity with cash winnings to be quite borderline. Obviously we will have to see the reports of the kidnappings, to verify to verify that there have been no abuses by the cinema managers. "" I believe that even those who denounced these activities - concluded the lawyer. Sbordoni - like a contest for possession, should investigate the matter. The legislation on eSports events, including venues, on which I have expressed myself several times, even publicly, is in fact lacking but I reiterate that these activities have nothing to do with gambling ".