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Coronavirus and game operators, Uif: 30-day extension compared to ordinary deadlines for data and information transmission

30 days deferment, compared to ordinary deadlines, for the transmission of data, information and reports to the UIF by gambling operators, casinos and online gaming

UIF, in consideration of the Coronavirus emergency, has identified some temporary measures and warnings to mitigate the impact on the subjects required to transmit data and information towards the UIF, which also include gambling operators, houses from play and play online.

The provision reads: "In consideration of the impact of the ongoing health emergency on the operations and obligations of the subjects required to transmit data and information to the FIU, it was decided to adopt the temporary measures and provide the warnings indicated below A delay of 30 days is granted with respect to the ordinary deadlines for the following obligations: - sending the aggregate data provided for by art.33 of Legislative Decree 231/2007 and by the provision of the FIU of 23 December 2013; - transmission of communications objectives governed by art.47 of Legislative Decree 231/2007 and by the Instructions issued by the FIU with provision of 28 March 2019; - declarations of gold transactions, pursuant to law 7/2000 and the implementing provisions referred to in the Communication of the FIU of 1 August 2014. To the administrative procedures concerning the violations of regulatory obligations ascertained by the Unit and to those in which the FIU is the holder of instructive powers bulls apply the suspension of the terms provided for by article 103 of the legislative decree March 17, 2020 n. 18 (from 23 February to 15 April 2020) and the methods of carrying out the notification services by post established by article 108 of the same decree. The FIU has adopted, to the extent of its competence, organizational measures aimed at safeguarding the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and reasonable duration of the administrative procedures, also with regard to any requests made by subjects interested in the protection of their rights (e.g. for the access to documents, for conducting hearings in the event of gold violations). From another point of view, considering that the restrictions resulting from the current government measures lead to an increase in remote activities, in particular online, it is considered essential that the obliged subjects, within the scope of their organizational autonomy, enhance the IT procedures available to them in order to effectively identify and evaluate the transactions to be reported to the FIU as suspect ".

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