The horseracing at race

On the official journal of the Italian Republic on August 29th u. s. the long-awaited "Call for tenders for the selection procedure for the assignment in the concession of the exercise of public games on a horse-racing basis" was published in compliance with art. 4 bis of the Decree Law of 8 April 2008 n. 59, converted with amendments by the law of 6 June 2008 n. 101.

Subject of the aforementioned announcement, the assignment of rights that can be exercised until December 31, 2017, for: 329 horse racing shops "substitutes for the so-called historical horse racing agencies, ie the agencies for the collection and acceptance of national totalizator bets , book and fixed odds on the results of horse races, identified by the art. 4-bis, paragraph 2? of the aforementioned decree. The 329 agencies are transformed into shops, where more types of games can be collected; 210 horse racing shops. Let's summarize the main points. Each candidate can also participate in the selection procedure for the assignment of a single right; interesting, but who can participate? Like the previous race c. d. "Bersani" held in 2006, the procedure is reserved for gaming operators, set up as joint-stock companies, "which operate in Italy or in another State, on the basis of the authorization issued by the competent authority of the State in which they are based. legal or possibly operational headquarters "at least one type of gaming among those of the games portfolio managed by AAMS. Gaming operators who must have achieved in the two-year period 2006-2007 revenues related to leisure activities of at least € 2,000,000.00 (two million / 00) (so-called turnover limit), as well as demonstrating that they have a dedicated system to collect the game on a public basis. As in 2006, participants will have to make bids: a first "provisional", the amount of which must be not less than 25% of the commitment to the guarantee to be presented to AAMS (and in any case equal to one hundred thousand euros), and a second one in the form of a commitment to provide the guarantee to cover the obligations of the concession, which must be equal to € 80,000.00 (eighty thousand / 00) for each right awarded for the opening of horse racing shops. "The amount of the deposit and / or the commitment to release the guarantee is established by the candidate on the basis of the number of rights he intends to win, in establishing this amount the candidate must take into account that this must be not less than the amount of the guarantee to lend. Therefore the amount determines the limit to the number of rights that the subject can be awarded through the selection procedure ". These are the public games object of the 539 rights put in competition: totalizator horse races, fixed odds horse racing, totalizator bets, sports predictions competitions, V7, national horse racing, "as well as any further public game on horse racing that AAMS will hold in any moment of wanting to commercialize through the network of horse racing shops ". Another fundamental data "the economic base of the offer is equal to € 30,000.00 (thirty thousand / 00) for each right related to the gaming shops, no bids are allowed with an amount lower than the economic base of the offer in which case they will be considered void. " There is time until 10 October 2008 to obtain the documentation concerning the tender, while the offers must be presented on piazza Mastai by October 20 p. v., and the envelopes containing the offers will be opened on 28 October 2008. An apparent homogenization therefore, between historical and c. d. Bersani, which did not pass for sports betting, despite the almost plebiscite requests of old and new operators. Also a new deadline, which leads to 2017. Wishing to keep the system, and a harbinger of new tenders, almost every year now. Meanwhile we will see the reactions of those who have never been happy with this race, and who seemed to be but now it is not anymore.