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Videolotteries, Distance meter, Administrative Court of Bolzano confirms the forfeiture of the authorization

The Administrative Court of Bolzano rejects the request of the South Tyrolean municipality to cancel the precautionary orders against the closure of the amusement arcades due to the distance meter

The Regional Court of Administrative Justice - Autonomous Section of Bolzano rejected the amendments proposed by the Municipality of Bolzano to ordinance no. 4/2019 with which the same judicial body had suspended the forfeiture of the authorization to collect legal games at as many amusement arcades in Bolzano. The same administrative court, in fact, with the aforementioned ordinance, had accepted the precautionary petition presented by some merchants and, consequently, had suspended the effectiveness of the aforementioned forfeiture provision, recognizing the existence of "economic damage" for them. merchants, since the closure of the year managed by them would have followed the forfeiture of the authorization title. The Municipality of Bolzano had requested the modification of the aforementioned precautionary measure motivated on the one hand by the factual circumstance of the new opening of amusement arcades in the Municipality of Bolzano -which would demonstrate the absence of the alleged expulsive effect of legal gaming- and, on the other hand, "by the new orientation of the Council of State, which in some recent precautionary orders would have rejected the requests for suspension of the measures issued by the Municipality to pronounce the forfeiture of licenses with consequent closure of the amusement arcades, deeming it no longer an obstacle to deciding the pending appeals for revocation against sentence no. 1618/2019 of Section VI of the Council of State". The Regional Administrative Court of Bolzano, on the other hand, rejecting the aforementioned application of the Municipality of Bolzano to amend the aforementioned precautionary order no. 4/2019, has allowed the halls of the aforementioned exhibitors to remain open and to continue collecting games.