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"Savesport Tax", lawyer Sbordoni: "Ready to appeal the sentence of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio"

"We will certainly appeal this Sentence, because our reasons have not been heard at all". The lawyer Stefano Sbordoni has no doubts, consulted by Agimeg as legal defender of some appellants regarding the Judgment of last June 28 with which the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, as we have already written on these pages, rejected the appeals on the determined by the Customs and Monopolies Agency which recalculated the levy on the so-called 'Salva sport' tax. According to the administrative judges, in fact, ADM would have the right to claim another 30 million euros as a levy of 0.5% on the collection of bets envisaged by decree law no. 34/2020 (so-called Relaunch Decree) in force until 31 December 2021 to feed the so-called "Fondo Salvasport", as this tax cannot be considered anti-constitutional. Among other things, for the administrative judges, the provision of the rule (art. 217 paragraph 2 of Law Decree no. 34/2020), according to which the sums paid remain acquired by the tax authorities, clarifies that regardless of its use, the levy it is not intended only for the fund in question. "ADM had issued an interpretation of a different opinion", underlined the lawyer. Sbordoni, " which however was then overturned by an analysis of the State Accounting Office and at that point ADM issued a different interpretation". "It follows that", according to the lawyer, "many things do not fit into the law itself, which can be interpreted differently by different administrations and this can create confusion and uncertainty". "We will appeal confidently and hopefully, because if we were to stop believing in justice it would be the end", assured the lawyer. Sbordoni, as "in our case the widespread feeling is that the interests of the state coffers have prevailed ... but we hope not, because if this were a way of reasoning, it would be a certain source of injustices". "The gaming sector", concluded the lawyer, "is too often penalised, unfortunately in the courtrooms there is always the feeling of a sort of repulsion and prejudice towards this sector".