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Slots and videolotteries, extension of concessions to December 31st 2024

The Customs and Monopolies Agency, with a note dated June 28, communicated that, in application of article 1, paragraph 124, letter b), of law no. 197/2022, "all the concessions for the construction and management of the network for the telematic management of lawful gaming using amusement and entertainment machines referred to in article 110, paragraph 6, of the T.U.L.P.S., expiring on 29 June, are extended until December 31, 2024, upon payment, within the times and in the amounts defined by the same law, of a fee proportionate to the operating permits for the amusement machines referred to in Article 110, paragraph 6, letter a) of the TULPS and the nine-year rights of the devices referred to in article 110, paragraph 6, letter b), of the TULPS, owned by the individual concessionaires, as at 31 October 2022".