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Sbordoni (legal expert in the field) at Agimeg: "Increase taxation without studying its effects is useless and harmful"

When we do not want to hear and analyze the effects of the Maneuvers and the measures taken for a given sector, this happens: the impression is that the Government has never left the role of opposition. We know, the message of the reality of facts is more important: in governing, it is necessary to be very careful and evaluate the accounts well, that they are not wrong and that they show the real effects of the measures taken".

This is what the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni told Agimeg, commenting on the fact that, with regard to Manoeuvre, the Budget Office of the Senate has shown that the accounts made by the Government are wrong, thus becoming penalizing for the game and the public accounts.
On the increase in taxation for slots, Sbordoni said, "The problem of taxation mainly reflects the fact that the effect and consequences of decisions taken do not occur. Therefore, increasing taxation can only make sense by keeping the base positive, while in this case there is parallel compression against the operators of the sector and an increase in taxation. This can only depress. The game - he added - is an immanent and unstoppable flow that remains constant over time. What today is not legal becomes automatically diffused and dispersed in the illegal".
And on the judgment of the Lazio Regional Administrative Court that recalls the agreement reached in September 2017 in the State-Region Conference, Sbordoni concluded by saying that: "In a video conference at the University of Salerno, former undersecretary Baretta stated that the agreement reached at the State-Regions Conference without the implementing decree would not have taken effect. I responded by saying that this agreement has a legal effect even though the implementation in the specifications has yet to be issued. I have fought for a year and a half along these lines".