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Online gaming, advertising is allowed for Facebook but only with prior written authorization

Updated by Facebook its advertising policy on gambling



Facebook has decided that gambling companies who want to have their advertisements appear on its platform must request written authorization from Meta Platforms and, moreover, must demonstrate that they have the correct licenses for the country in which they want to advertise . The above requests are mandatory for all forms of online gambling, for games where something of monetary value is part of the entry method or something of monetary value is part of the prize including games that require purchases to continue playing or provide an advantage in winning prizes where the prize has a monetary value and for ads with landing pages that promote online games, such as aggregators or affiliate sites, even if there is no opportunity to gamble directly on that page. Gambling ads must comply with all applicable legislation and, moreover, must not be directed to people under the age of 18. However, it is not necessary to request the aforementioned written approval for physical real-money gambling activities or places (example: land-based casinos) provided that the ad or landing page does not promote or facilitate gambling online, for state or government lotteries, provided that the advertiser is directly or wholly responsible for the operations of the lottery, for price promotions where a product is purchased at its normal retail price, provided that the game online gambling is not the main business model of the advertiser or featured brands and for all games that are free to play. However, these specific gambling ads must comply with local laws like other gambling ads.