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Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni "The gaming sector must return to normal"

According to lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, general secretary of U.T.I.S., "After the reopening, we need choices of political responsibility to immediately reorganize the gaming sector ensuring homogeneity".
Lawyer Stefano Sbordoni, in a recent interview given to Agimeg.it, reiterated the need to ensure a prompt restart to the gaming sector after this long period of lockdown due to the covid19 emergency and its reorganization which is now unstoppable. "The gaming sector, with all the pros and cons, is a sector like any other, a product category carried out by the State itself, and like the others it must be treated in the normality and not in the exceptionality relating to the particularities that one wants to find for political or other purposes", said the well-known legal general secretary of U.T.I.S., who pointed out that, as there are usually precise protocols to be respected, "there is no proof that the operators in the sector have not respected them and that the risk taken in the gaming sector is higher than others" and that, therefore, in the absence of evidence to that effect , this sector "must be treated normally". According to the lawyer Sbordoni "The street demonstrations, the protests, the exasperating behaviors that we had to have were a reaction to obtain that normality that must be fully recognized" because "The health aspect in the case of the Covid epidemic has put the sector in a condition of inferiority compared to others". For the well-known lawyer, moreover, "the attitude of exploiting the health emergency to obtain political advantages is morally bad" since "there are very strict protocols from the beginning, with high activation costs, but which have always been implemented "and" There is no evidence that gambling activities carry higher risks than other sectors ". Basically, the request made by the lawyer. Sbordoni on behalf of the entire gaming sector is only that of "normalization and treatment equivalent to other sectors". Regarding the reopening of gaming activities in "white" areas, lawyer Sbordoni stated that "According to the current government legislation, in the white area certain commercial activities that fall under certain Ateco codes can reopen, including gaming activities, before the scheduled date of July 1 "and that the confirmation or not by a regional governor with an ordinance is only a" discretionary act ". a problem that must certainly be solved, but not by criminalizing the entire sector. "I would not", continued lawyer Sbordoni, "that only the gaming sector should have maximum caution, when instead it has the right to reopen according to national law once a given region has entered the white zone ". Finally, on the urgency of a national regulation for the reorganization of the sector and in highlighting that no one wants to take political responsibility and that the administrative jurisprudence has recently emphasized its non-binding value on the agreement between the State and Regions, he said that "the judges of merit must understand, however, that what was a solution, albeit with some defects, should be made current, giving the prominence it deserves". After all, he continued, "even a citizen fasting on the problems of the sector, aware of the effects of the distance meter, would understand that there are no legal certainties protected and would be worried, this beyond the gaming sector". The well-known lawyer wanted to reiterate that the problem is not so much the gaming sector itself, but "the uncertainty that at a social level generate contradictory and absurd situations such as those experienced by the sector". In conclusion, according to lawyer Sbordoni, with the reopening "the reorganization of the gaming sector is absolutely necessary, we need homogeneity".