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Gaming and Lotteries, over 9 billion in revenue in the first eight months of 2022

In the first 8 months of 2022, the growth in revenues deriving from lotto, lotteries and other gaming activities was confirmed with a +38% compared to the same period of 2021, thanks above all to the increase in the Preu on machines.
The Ministry of Economy and Finance (M.E.F.), in the usual monthly bulletin on the trend of tax and contribution revenues, announced that "tax and contribution revenues in the period January-August 2022 show an overall growth of 57.721 million euros (+12 , 4 percent) compared to the same period of the previous year". The figure indicated above is the result of the "positive change in tax revenues (+45,606 million euros, +14.7 percent) and the growth, in terms of cash, of contributory revenues (+12,115 million euros, +7, 8 percent)". This means, continues the M.E.F., "an increase of 2,496 million euros (+38.0 percent) due to the increase in the Preu component (+3,167 million euros) due to the closure, in 'similar period last year, of the gaming, betting, bingo, casino and slot machine halls for the containment of the pandemic wave", while "the revenue from the lotto game". In detail, the document specifies that "over 3.80 billion euros come from the PREU applied to Slots and Vlt, over 1.06 billion from Lotto proceeds, 240.8 million from other proceeds from gaming activities , 208 million as a 40% share of the single tax on skill games and prediction competitions and 47,5 million as fixed tax law on prediction competitions". To these must be added, continues the M.E.F., "249 million from the proceeds relating to the concession fees for the management of the telematic network relating to amusement and entertainment machines and numerical games with national totalizator, 361 million from the withholding tax of 6% on winnings of the lotto game, one billion euros from national lotteries with instant drawing, 106.8 million euros from the proceeds from the game of bingo and 9.9 million euros from the payment of sums by the gaming concessionaires practiced through the devices referred to in article 110 comma 6 T.U.L.P.S.". Finally, the bulletin highlights that "winnings recorded a decrease (-642 million euros, -13.7 percent) linked to the decline in lotto revenue".